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My Seraphon Skink Priest

Hey all, I'm back once again with another post on another project I've been working on. To go along with my Slann Starmaster there is this chap:

He counts as my Skink Priest with Starstone Staff and came to me in a Seraphon joblot a few moths ago. He had had his original staff removed, which is a shame as it features a nice Grey Seer skull on the top. He was relatively quick to strip down and only took a couple of sessions to paint. He follows the same scheme as my Slann Starmaster, this time however the bright green appears on his back, the same as my Saurus Warriors and also on the membrane between the bones in his crest.

Whilst painting the model I changed the overall scheme of my army. The red colour on his staff and scale cloak are going to be incorporated across the rest of the army as another spot colour, mainly on the shields on the Skinks and Saurus but I'll find other places to put it in too. The green and grey scheme, whilst looking very nice is rather bland in large quantities so the red will help break that up a bit. he was very fun to paint and base, the trickiest part being the feathers on his head, they were a pain! 

Well that's it from me and our little blog for today, as always feel free to leave a comment below be it good, bad or anywhere in between!



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