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40k Abandoned Factory Display: Interior Walls

Hello all,

I'm here again with another update on my current project. After finishing most of the scenery pieces... rubble, barrels, power generator etc etc, it was finally time to tackle the main part of the project, the factory interior!

Below is a pretty much a step by step how I did it and I would warn you, this post is pretty pic heavy!

The first thing I did was to tackle the floor. I decided on a metal floor as I though that there'd be too much grey if I went for the same colour as the brickwork. The whole floor was stippled with Boltgun metal and allowed to dry. Giving it a good covering but leaving come blemishes to break up the colour. It was then stippled in Chainmail to create a two tone effect. It was leftvto dry for an hour and then washed in Nuln Oil but before it was dry I dabbed off the excess, again giving a large variation to the texture.

To add a little weathering I sponged on Rhinox Hide in little places for dark rust

Next Ryza rust was sponged on for....well....rust haha. Lighter in the smaller places and quite heavy in the bottom left corner.

After letting the floor dry for another hour, I moved up to the walls. Firstly the were given a liberal coating of Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Before any more drybrushing I pva/sanded a small strip at the bottom of the wall to hide a small point where the plasticard layer on the base didnt quite meet the wall, which was painted Mechanicus Grey and allowed to dry. This was then given a nice coat of Typhus Corrosion to make it grimey and help woth the abandoned feel. The walls were then drybrushed in Dawnstone Grey. 

The next step was Administratum Grey to finish off the vwall brushing. For the basic wall texture that is about it!

For the top section I wanted something on a different spectrum to the grey and silver something more warming rather than the colder greys and silvers. As its a factory and in my head, whilst not a full blown Mechanicus manufactorum, I imagined it would still have links to the Mechanicus. So I chose coppery/bronze for the top pieces. It pops with a nice colour and ties in to the factory theme and other pieces I have in the pipeline.

The section was coated in Rhinox hide and allowed to dry for a full hour.

It was then stippled in Hashut Copper to add texture. More heavily applied in the xentre , but less to the edges. I saw this technique on a Blood Angels Landraider originally and liked the effect, see the pic below for a better look.

The copper was then given wash of Reikland Flesh shade and then a light stippling of Rune Lord Brass towards the centre and then a light stippling of Brass Scorpion and then a stipple of Brass Scorpion with as light dry brush of it on the rivets too. 

Typhus Corrosion was painted across the top of the lower wall, in all the places that it looked like there was a natural dribble I built up the Tyhus Corrosion and with a wet finger dragged it down as if it had been running down the wall.

The final main step for me was copper weathering, with this I just used Nihlic Oxide and coated it around some of the rivets and along the top and created dribbles for prolonged corrosion.

The last optional step I did, and I would recommend doing this but its totally up to your taste, is I added some watered down green and brown washes to the walls to break up the grey a bit more, mould or moss or damp. Nothing too bright that stands out but just enough to turn the colour of the wall slightly.

Overall I love how this has come out! As I was saying to Blackmane  yesterday I think I may have found my modelling niche. I feel I'm maybe and average mini painter, but a half decent terrain maker. So who knows, maybe this may lead to something for me.

As you can see in the above photo, Ive started on the interior elements, the door, plaque and electricity box but they will be finished another day.

Many thanks for reading this and comments are welcome below 



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