40k Abandoned Factory Display: Power Generator

Hello again,  

I'm back with another WIP for my abandoned factory this time finishing off the thematic scatter terrain with and power generator
The generator itself is a laser cut mdf generator from TTcombat. It's mechanicy enough to fit with the 40k and the very reasonable price of £3.95, included in this  set as well is some barrels which I have elected not to use for my factory.

To start it off the whole thing was painted Rhinox Hide and left to dry. The liberally coated in Khorne Red, Hashut Copper and Chainmail
It was the washed in watered down Rhinox Hide as ive run put of Agrax Earthshade left to dry and weathered with Typhus Corrosion,  Nihlik Oxide and Ryza Rust after been sponged with Rhinox Hide and Boltgun Metal in worn areas. 

The base was simply covered in pva,  sanded and undercoated black and then dry brushed from Mechanicus Standard Grey up to Dawn stone.  The green bits are Nurgles Rot in little crevasses.

This one, like the burning rubble I made, has a small circuitboard in it with 4 LED's on which light up in sequence, it came from a Star Wars advent calendar. The circuit board was just small enough to fit inside the generator and the button is clever hidden at the bring of the model in the base. Just push the green goo at the front and it lights up!

Well that's it again for now, please feel free to leave comments below and thanks for reading.


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