Firestorm Armada: Directorate Medium Class Ships

Hi all,

Today I'm bring some pictures of the Dictatorate medium class ships for Firestorm Armada. Again these are ships I picked up in the Return of the Overseers boxset last year. 

First up are the Turmoil Class R&D Cruiser.There were 2 of these in the boxset. I thought these had a really interesting design to them. They remind me slightly of some sci-fi ship I've seen somewhere but can't put my finger on where (If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them).So on with some pictures.

As with the small class ships I've kept most of the model dark with the really stark green highlights on hull plates. As I mentioned in my post on the small ships, this colour scheme was chosen by my girlfriend as these ships are more for her than for me. Having said that I think it does make them look a little sinister which the Dictatorate certainly are. 

Next up are the Annihilation Class Gunships. Again there were 2 of these in the boxset. Like with the Aquan ships in the box the Dictatorate ships share components. In this case its the outer hull pieces that are the same on the cruiser and gunships.  

Overall I'm really happy with how the ships have turned out. The only thing I'd maybe like to improve is the the quality of the highlights. I feel some of my edge highlighting is a bit rough and uneven. That just leaves the big ships for the Dictatorate and the Aquans which I'll cover in a future post. 

That's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a read and please feel free to leave a comment be it good, bad or somewhere in between. 


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