Firestorm Armada: The Overseers

Hi all.

Today I bring the last of my Firestorm Armada ships from the Return of the Overseers starter box. This time its the Aforementioned Overseers themsleves. 

The set comes with two things from the Overseers. There is a small probe like ship. Bigger than the frigates of the Aquan and Directorate fleets but not quite as big as the medium ships. And then there is the Overseer space gateway (can't remember its actual name off the top of my head).

So on with some pictures.

Next up is the big gateway thing. The big base piece is made of 4 parts that you don't actually have to glue together. The big 'gateway' itself is just coloured acrylic with a design that has been shallowly cut (I assume laser etched to be precise), as far as I can tell but looks quite cool. 

For both the probe and gateway I wanted to stick to simple. So both were based with Leadbelcher. I then washed the both with Nuln Oil Gloss as I wanted to maintain a shiney finish whereas normal Nuln Oil does somewhat dull the Leadbelcher as I'm sure you're all aware. I then very lightly drybrushed them with a lighter silver though I don't remember which one. As far as I can remember I then used some Thraka Green wash (don't know if that's the new or old name for that particular wash, I think old)  to add the green glowing to various parts. I just picked out parts I felt should have a glowing look so it's prehaps a little random. 

Overall I'm happy enough with how they turned out. I didn't want to invest as much time in them as the main fleets as they'll likely only get used if I play through the included getting started campaign in the box. I also just wanted to keep them quick and simple, again as part of the not spending too much time on them. 

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Please feel free to leave a comment be it good bad or somewhere in between.


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