For Sigmar!: Stomcast Eternal Liberators WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring a quick WIP post on my first squad of Liberators for my Stormcast Eternals. I'm enjoying working on them so far and it's certainly interesting doing a predominently metallic paint scheme as it's something I've not done before. 
So on with a couple of pictures.

 More after the jump.

For the most part I've been following the tutorial video on Warhammer TV with the odd tweak. So far I've based, shaded and applied 1 highlight to the gold. Based, shaded and reset the base colour on the blue cloth. Based and shaded the silver metals and hammer hafts and highlighted the silver metals. I've also based and shaded the parchment. All I need to do now is another highlight or two on the gold armour, highlights on the cloth, hammer hafts, parchments, soft armour joints and sword scabbards.I also have the bases to do and transfers to apply to the shoulder pads. Not to much work but it's detail work so I usually take my time to try and get the best finish I can. 

That's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this little WIP post.


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