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For Sigmar!: Prosecutors and Liberators

Hi all.

Today I bring some pictures of a couple of squads I finished just before christmas as part of a push to finish the Stormcast I had from the starter set. The first to be finished were prosecutors and they were swiftly followed by the liberators. I will point out that the liberators aren't technically the ones from the starter. They are a third squad I assmebled from a liberator quick build box and a couple of liberators from the getting started with AoS magazine thing. I didn't really realise this as I dived into them so in my mind I had to change my challenge to 'finish an equivalent amount of stormcast from the starter set'.

Anyway lets get to the pictures.

So there we have it. Nice shiney squads of prosecutors and liberators. While I thnk the prosector models look really nice I can honestly say they were a pain to paint. That is maybe unfair. It was the wings that were a pain to paint, the rest of the model was no different to the liberators really. My advice to anyone would be don't glue them to the model and paint them seperately. They just got in the way all the time and they really would have benefitted from a white or grey undercoat (I have a preference for working off black usually). The liberators were a breeze in comparrison. I followed the same methods I used for the first squad (the excellent warhammer tv pianting guide), along with a couple of little bits I'd learned from last time to make things a little quicker.

Overall I'm happy with how they all look in the end and I think my Stormcast force as a whole is started to come together nicely now. Over christmas I have actually bought some more to add to them to fill a little weakness I found with my first game against Zebulon. The force in the starter set is nice but has virtually no ranged capability outside the throwing hammers of the prosecutors, praying for lightning with the lord relictor or the lightning breath of the dractoth Calinax. Hopefully those reinforcments will apear on here soon.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments.



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