New Year, New Painting Challenge

Hi all.

So with the new year now here and 6 days in, myself and Zebulon have settled on our first challenge. We've been having quite the discussion about challenges since our last one, for various reasons, and so in the not too distant future we'll be doing something we've not done before. For now though we kick off this year's challenges with a good, simple, painting challenge.

For anyone who has read Zebulon's posts this year so far, and a good read they are too,  they'll know he really wants to get on with his Tau who he feels have maybe been left in the shadow of his Imperial forces for a little too long. I, on the other hand, am not so focussed and so have plenty of projects lying around unfinished, new ones to start, etc.

This challenge then sees us tackling something on our desk. We have each picked one thing that the other has for them to paint. We gave each other a list of things and then picked one. There were a few rules. If the model was unassembled it could only be chosen if the model was in a blister/clam pack. This was just so we don't have to assemble lots of miniatures which can be time consuming as we're all aware. The second rule was partially assembled models could be included as we'd already started them. This also technically means a least partially started models could also be chosen (we included such in our lists but decided where's the challenege if the model is alreayd started?). Thirdly, No Smaug!

With Zebulon's drive to finish some Tau his list was very Tau centric (The list given can be found here). My list was very ecclectic I think and can be found below:

List of things:
A = assembled  UBC = Unassembled Blister/Clam  Pa = Partially Assembled
      1.     Liberators (Squad 3, Started)
2.       Vandus Hammerhand (Started)
3.       Treelord Ancient (Pa)
4.       Branchwych (A)
5.       Barrels Out of Bond (A)
6.       Erebor Dwarf Command (UBC)
7.       Deathwatch Watch Master (UBC)
8.       The Trolls (A)
9.       Dain Ironfoot (Ft and Mtd, Pa)
10.   Morannon Orcs (A)
11.   LotR Dwarf Warriors (A)
12.   Knights of Dol Amroth (A)
13.   Tauriel (A)
14.   Legolas Greenleaf (A)
15.   Bolg (Ft and Mtd, A)
16.   Thranduil (Ft and Mtd, A)
17.   Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze (UBC)
18.   Ulrik the Slayer (UBC)
19.   Iron Priest (UBC)
20.   Mordor Troll Captain (A)
21.   Mordor Troll (Unassembled due to cleaning)
22.   Mordor Troll Drummer (Pa)
23.   Cave Troll (Unassembled due to cleaning)
24.   Various LotR Characters

In the end Zebulon decided I should paint my Brachwych from my recently aquired Sylvaneth started set and I decided Zebulon should paint up Shadowsun (I picked Shadowsun up at around half price for Zebulon sometime in my 2nd year at uni I think from a very good local game store).

So we have until Sunday the 28th of January (longer than our usualy two weeks at my request as I know my time will be a little limited in the next week or so) to complete our models. If we should both finish before the deadline we may decide to end the challenge early if we both agree. After that as usual we'll open up a pole for you lovely people out there to decide which of us has made a better job of painting up the selected models.

And with that we come to the end of this rather wordy post, thanks for sticking with it. And if anyone wants to challenge themsleves and paint along with us, just simply pick a model you want to get done and paint it up by the deadline. If you wish, you could even post it in the comments of our post at the end of the challenge. That's all for today and again, thanks for reading.


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