AoS Floating Islands Terrain WIP

Hi all,

Im back with another terrain project I'm working on. My gaming group is having a bit of an AoS renaissance as they are doing a Tale of 4 Warlords log. As our club was largely 40k orientated we have lots of terrain for 40k, but not as much variety for AoS. So I've set to work tinkering on some bits and bobs for us. 

My main thought is AoS isn't a classic fantasy setting, I.e medival, but more 'High Fantasy' like Warcraft or Conan. It just seems more fantastical now and I'm working on terrain to try and reflect that. 

After searching for inspiration I saw some part for floating islands and I soon figured out how to do it.

The islands themselves are made from expanding foam and hole filla. Very cheap to pick up and easy to use. I followed the basic Terrain Tutor method for making these (if you dont know about The Terrain Tutor, seriously go give him a look, loads of tips, tricks and ideas!) 

I've made 3 island in total and I'm currently working on the smaller two to get to grips with how it all works before tackling the larger island above.

The chains are of equal length and space to give 3 good legs. They came from some Halloween chain I picked up years ago as it was being sold off and thought I'd find a use for it eventually. Each link is plastic glued to the next to form a decent bond, it's still fairly fragile but is ok for table top use of taken care of. The hardest bit was trying to get the hang of the chains to make them seem they are hanging rather than holding up the island. 

The pick below is the second attempt at the chains. While still not totally perfect they do look a lot better than the first attempt.

So there you have it, the first piece constructed! I'm actually waiting on the second to dry right now and then I can base that one too.

Well that's all for now. As always please feel free to leave comments below, whether they be good, bad or inbetween!


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