Sons of Durin!

Hi all.

Today I'm back with another post about some Lord of the Rings models I have recently finished. This time round it's a set of Dwarves. GW put these out to primarily represent Dwarves of the Third Age but really they would be fine to represent any Dwarves I think. I had one of the old boxes of 24 sat around and after finishing my Morannon Orcs (see yesterday's post), I fancided doing some more LotR stuff and these fit the bill nicely. I've only done half of them so far as I find 12 at once is really about my comfortable limit for batch painting (I did a long time ago paint 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith in one go and found it such a drag).

Picture time!
(Realised I forgot the traditional group shot, oops!)

I really do like these models. Favourite? It's between the dwarf with axe and shield furthest right or the bowman (bowdwarf?) furthest right. I like a nice dynamic pose as much as anyone but sometimes I really do like a nice simple pose and I think they are both great. As for painting these were really nice, simple and easy to do. The hardest thing for me was the skin as it's soemthing I always struggle with a little. For these 12 I've gone with blue as the main colour on the main areas of cloth. When I get round to the next set of 12 I think I may do them a deep green just to help make them look a bit different.

Well thanks for taking the time to have a look. Please feel free to leave any comments below.


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