Challenge 2: High Elf Prince On Griffon....Sort Of....

Hey all, today I post my (sort of) finished mini in the second Blackmane Vs Zebulon challenge. Whilst I think Blackmane has gone for the Elf approach to the Griffon, I couldn't let up the opportunity to give my Skaven a bit of a style kick and I went to town on the mini... so with out further adoo...

So, here is my attempt at doing the mini my way, the first thing you'll probably notice is that it's not painted, this is because Ive been at work 6 out of the last 7 days and time has been scarce if I'd have wanted to do it justice, however I will have the finished model done in time for the results next Monday. 

Secondly, you may notice the lack of wings and the vast amount of milliput used on this mini. This is for two reason. Firstly I thought that the Skaven wouldn't like to fly, they'd be afraid of heights considering they spend so much time underground in crampt tunnels and having all that space between them and the floor would worry them somewhat, so they would have chopped off the wings and that clever Clan Moulder would have added weapons. I originally wanted some warp stone type flails but alas the rope/chain alluded me, so I decided to give it bare wings with blades on the end. However the plucked wings looked ridiculous and sort of like a scrawny chicken, so I covered them in what is supposed to be tattered cloth.

The other large area of milliput is a for of rug for the griffon, which the shields are fixed to for added protection, the enabled me to cover up the moulded on feet of the Elf prince and made it look more Skaveny.

Then I went to town on my skaven bitz box and threw on things that I though would look menacing and practical at the same time, i.e. the plague claw holder being used as a back guard. The bits mostly come from the Stormvermin box that I accidentally bought for £6. The idea is that I can use this as a Bonecrusher mount for the Warlord seated on top, incl a magic banner, great-sword and hand weapon. Thought that the Skaven would think it's too good an opportunity to miss to use such a powerful beast against the enemy

As always C&C's are welcome, anything to help me improve and I hope you like it!


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