Dark Eldar Haemonculi WIP 2

Hi all.

Another day and some progress to show on my Dark Eldar Haemoculi that I posted about previously. 

Lets get to the pictures.

 More after the jump.

The main thing that I've worked on since the last post is the cloak made of skin. While relatively straight forward it does make up quite a large portion of the model. Now to paint this I followed the guide to painting the skin cloak in Issue 36 of White Dwarf (October 2014). The only changes I made were to add a patch of Tau coloured skin as a nod to Zebulon's Tau army and a couple of patches of green Ork skin. Why Ork skin you may ask? Well while I've not fleshed (no pun intended) it out yet I figured that ork experiments would feature in the this characters back story.

I've also based and washed the metal areas that I intend to be silver. These parts will be finished when I next get to do some work on him. 

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. 


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