Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought WIP

Hey all, a little post on a soemthing something ive picked up! 
As an Ultramarine player and a bit of a Dreadnought fanatic, I've always wanted this model since it cam out, however at roughlyl £55 ($81 US) for this model, it is a tad expensive. However me being me, I found on for auction on eBay and managed to buy it for £10.50 ($15.60 US). 

The image on the right is how it came to me, in the process of packing it suffered a broken banner which was an easy fix although it did lose a little height off the banner, the seller kindly refunded me the postage so I got it for £7 ($10.41 US). I've started re-painting it how I'd like and in a bit more detail. The only slightly annoying thing about it is the base was flocked, which I've just painted over grey and will highlight. The weapons are glued on unfortunately but I think I can remove them and then get it magnetised.

This is Dreadnought 10 of my collection, and I was wanting something a little special for no.10, so this played out pretty well! Well thats it for now and please feel free to check out min and Blackmanes Urien Rakarth's and vote above!


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