Iron, Shell's and Sniper's

Hello Blackmane here.

Today I have some pictures of some of my latest models thats I've finished.

First up we have some Space Wolf stuff.

Here we have some better pictures of Egil Iron Wolf who I posted a picture of the other day. I armed him with a combi-melta, just incase he feels the need to stand in the way of a tank and shout 'come and get me you cowards!' He also has a chainsword taken from the Space Marine Commander sprue because it's a bionic arm and I thought it would be good for Egil.

Here we have my 5 wolves. They will be accompanying my characaters or iron priest. On really rare ocasions I may use them as the bare minimum for a Fenrisian Wolf pack but there are of course better options in the fast attack section

Next up we have some new additons to the Tarnhelm 3rd.

First up we have 5 ratlings. Of course these will be finding the best cover posible and shooting at any targets that they are in range of and hoefully they'll be able to force some pinning tests or kill something important with some good rending rolls. With the exception of the main cloth area's, which were painted blue like the rest of the Tarnhelm, and the gun's which were painted red, again like the rest, I tried to keep other area's relatively dark in colour so as to give them a more stealthy apperance. The best area that this shows on is the cloak. I based it with charadon granite and then highlighted it with two very subtle highlights so as to keep it fairly dark.

Lastly we have my new tank 'Heart of Fire'. I've been working on this since I got it last week. I'm very happy with the way its turned out. Because the new tank turrets have the cuploa built in I had to make a new Pask for my new tank because the old one couldn't be put in. I found another head that was the same as the old one and then I set about adding the cloak and fur collar as well as the braided bit around his neck. This time however I gave him a chainsword rather than a gun. Overall I'm very impressed with the way he turned out and to be honest I think this version looks better. The sponsons aren't glued on but I do need to find a more secure way of fiiting them on. In these pictures its only bluetac thats keeping them in place and they fell off at least twice.

Anyway thats all for today and as always comments are more than welcome.

Thanks for reading,


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