More Pics

HI all Blackmane here.

Today I bring yet more pics. There seems to have been a constant stream of them as of late. Anyway, lets get them up.

Ok first up we have my new 20 warriors of the dead. I finally got around to basing them with sand and now I just require a nice day to get them sprayed black.

Next up we have my 9 Fountain Court Guard and a Banner Bearer. 6 of them I've had for a while and I recently bought another 3 so I could field a company of them in War of the Ring. The old ones all got a nice new re-paint and I'm happy with the way that they have turned out. The Banner Bearer will accompany one of my Warrior of Minas Tirth formations and its likely that Boromir with the Banner of Minas Tirth will accompany the Fountain Court Guard. I just have to get him painted. I will probably expand the Fountain Court Guard to a 2 company strong formation at some point in the future.

And finally we have my servitors that I will use mainly in Space Wolves army but also occasionally in my Tarnhelm army. They've been sat on my besk waiting to be finished and I finally got around to it. While I could have done these to a much better standard I decided that I just wanted to get them done and I thought seen as they're just servitors they don't have to be great. Having said that I'm very happy with the way the skin turned out.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and having a look and as always comments are always welcome.


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