Scenery: Project River: Part 2

Hi all.

Today I bring a picture of my river sections so far.

As can be seen from the picture below I have now formed the banks of the river. This was done by adding scraps of carboard to the area's I had marked out as the banks. Then I used an all purpose power filler to create the banks. The cardboard allowed me to make the banks without having to have solid mounds of filler which would have made it 1. heavier and 2. more suseptible to breaking. The cardboard scraps also gave the filler something to stick to and also made it easier for me to shape the banks.

The nest step will be snad the banks a little bit to remove some of the roughness of the filler. once this is done I may then use sand to coat the river banks before painting them. Once this is done I will paint the water. Not quite sure how I'm going to do that yet as I haven't decided if I'm just gonna use blue's or go for a more realistic effect. It will depend how I feel when I get around to it.

On a side note my excitement about the new edition of Warhammer seems to be growing daily. I really can't wait.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and as always comments are most welcome.


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