Into the Old World I Go.

Hi all Blackmane here.

Today I advance ordered my copy of the new Warhammer rulebook. No less the general's edition with all the cool extra bits and pieces. Will it be worth it? I hope so, it's quite expensive as I'm sure you all know. So it looks like I'll be venturing into the old world, again.

Myself and Zebulon both started at the beginning of 7th but neither army really took off. I started with Dwarfs and Zebulon with Lizardmen. So our first attempt never really got going so hopefully this time it will. And if the rumours are anything to go by, War of the Ring was released as a testbed for Warhammer 8th edition, so if that's true it will be good and I can see myself getting into it.

As for my army, well I can see myself either continuing with my Dwarfs or possibly moving to Warriors of Chaos. In all honesty I'll probably stick with my Dwarfs cause I already have models but I think I'll be rethinking my choice of green and purple as the colour scheme.

Well thats all for today. On a side note I'll have my Warriors of the Dead finished in the next day or two so hopefully some pictures will appear. I've also been working more on my Space Wolves and have been busy bringing one of my Blood claw units up to a better standard.  They now look more or less like my newer models. So pictuires of them too.

Tnkas for reading and as usual comments are always welcome.


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