For Gondor!: Boromir Captain of the White Tower

Hi all.

Yesterday I finished painting my other two version's of Boromir. Today I bring the pictures and what I hope are some useful tips.

I am very happy with how both of these models has turned out and am very very happy with the Banner of Minas Tirth. It looks so much better than it used to.

This version of Boromir is more expensive points wise but of course offers benefits. By giving him the Banner of Minas Tirth for +50 points, your getting a banner bearer with added benefits and none of the drawbacks. For example giving him the banner increases the fight value of those around him and that includes himself but unfortunately not other hero's. Which brings his fight value up to an impressive 7. There are few that can match a fight value of 7 and fewer still that can beat it outright. A fight value of 7 means he'll beat most enemy hero's (even beating a cave troll!) and draw against mordor troll's which will always be useful. And he also doesn't suffer from the -1 to hit that a banner bearer normally suffers because of Boromir's great skill.

Here we have the same version of Boromir but armed with a shield instead. For the extra 5 points he gains +1 to his defence giving a defence value of 7. This means that your average enemy striking at strength 4 is going to require 6's to wound. In the case of strength 1 models a 6 followed by a 5+ and for strength 2 models a 6 followed by a 4+. However it should be noted that even with a shield giving him defence 7, he will still be wounded by mordor troll's on a 4+ which is a bit of a problem. It's lucky that Boromir, Captain of the White Tower has 2 additional fate points which could come in very handy should Boromir loose a fight.

Its also worth remembering that both versions of Boromir have the Horn of Gondor. This is a very useful piece of kit. It basically forces the enemy to take a courage test. If they fail then Boromir automatically wins the fight, however Boromir must be outnumbered 2 to 1 or more in order to use it. The vast majority of evil troops have relatively low courage values. Orc's, which would make up the bulk of a Mordor army for example, only have a courage value of 2 meaning that they would require at least an 8 from 2 dice in order to pass as you require a total of 10 or more. So when outnumbered by the basic evil troops Boromir has a trick up his sleave to even the odds. Against higher courage troops it will probably have less of an effect but you never know what will happen.

No matter how you arm Boromir Captian of the White Tower he will be good. But to add even more of a punch mounting him on a horse is worth the extra +10 points. Firstly it makes him more mobile. Some warriors further along the line struggling against your enemy? Then move Boromir to them giving them that +1 to their fight value and a re-roll in each combat to see who wins. He can even get stuck in himself. And this brings me onto the second bonus of giving him a horse. The second bonus comes in the combat. Well actually it gives 2 bonus's in combat. Firstly mounted models get an additonal attack. This grants Boromir 4 attacks when charging and this makes the second bonus even better. If Boromir wins the fight then all the models he is fightling are knocked to the ground counting as trapped which means they take double strikes. This means that Boromir will now deal out a total 8 attacks. If Boromir was facing 2 orc's then you could allocate 2 of his 4 attack's at one orc (which is 4 when double for been trapped) and see if you kill it before deciding what to do with his remaining 2 attacks (the remaining 4 when doubled which gives 8 total). However there is a drawback to this rule in that when fighting on horseback these combat bonus's only apply when in base contact and exclusively fighting enemy foot warriors. If there are any enemy cavalry or monster's then you don't get the bonus. Also models with a strength of 6 or more can't be knocked over unless the charging model is strength 6 or more itself. A cavalry model in difficult terrain that makes a charge will also not benefit from these bonus's so keep them on open terrian as much as possible.

These are obvious points but can so often be over looked. I myself have forgotton on many occasions to use the Horn of Gondor and in some of those cases it would really have made a difference, allowing Boromir to create a gap in a battle line for example.

Anyway that is all for today and I hope you liked the pictures and found my opinions on Boromir useful. Thankyou very much for reading and as always your comments are more than welcome.


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