Advance Order Models

Hi all.

Just a quick post. I've just been on the GW website and found there are a few items now up for advance order.

In the Warhammer section there is Gui Le Gros. In the 40k sectiont here are some grots inspired by codex artwork and includes a fallen ork with 2 head choices. These are just some fun little models. There are also the 'inquisitive grots' which is a little diorama piece. Also available is the old metal Imperial Guard Commander. Its good to see him as a stand alone figure.

Thanks for reading and go take a look and see what you think of the grots, quite fun pieces I think.


 Just found there are two new bitz paks too. they are for Knights of the Blazing Sun. There's a command pack and an upgrade pack. They're under the troops section of The Empire at the bottom.

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