Dark Eldar! A Brief Look

Hi all.

Just a quick post today. On Friday I got the new codex, kaballite warriors and Lelith Hesperax that I advanced ordered. This doesn't mean I'm starting a new army straight away. I'm basically using the warrior models as a test to see whether I like painting Dark Eldar. If I don't then that'll be the end of them and they'll just be display models. If I do like them (highly likely), then I will get a few more things and try those out to see how I like them. I'm thinking at least wyches and a raider at this point, possibly some reavers. If those go well then it'll be a full army over time.

The codex iitself is very impressive. There's plenty of background in there and it really does expand whats already known about the Dark Eldar. Its nice to learn more about a race thats been around for years yet never seemed to have much information available about them.

To me the rules seem quite balanced on paper. There's nothing that I thought was overpowered as I was reading it though there is plenty you don't want to be on the recieving end of. But overall I think the rules really do fit with the background. The weapons are advanced and will hurt the right targets. The units have special rules that make sense for them. Power from Pain will both help and hinder. On the one side the units can get feel no pain, always useful. But on the downside a unit could quite easily get fearless and have it work against them. Warriors with it for example could be charged by a combat unit they aren't going to beat and thats going to hurt them more.

So overall, just based on a few thorough reads of the new codex it seems to me very balenced and really gives the Dark Eldar some much needed new life. Well thats all for now. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments.


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