New Day, No Dawn: Dark Eldar Part 1

Hi all.

Today I bring some pictures of the first Dark Eldar model I've painted. I was up till 1 in the morning painting him and then finished him 7 or so hours later after I had got some sleep. My kabal is called the Kabal of the Blazing Sun. I've come up with some background for them and will post some brief bits of background once I've got it all together. I've gone with an orangey/red colour for them and I will endevour to put up a painting post some time soon. So without any more delay my first Dark Eldar model.

The sun symbol on this side of the back banner is the symbolf for the Kabal. I tried to keep it simple so I could replicate it with ease. Unfortunately the highlights on the banner have made it look very shiney when I took the picture so the symbol is obscured a bit.

On the other side of the banner I put a squad symbol. Its not too bad considering I didn't plan it or draw it on paper first.

Now I have the first one done and am happy with the colour scheme I will paint the rest of the squad up in the same way. The only change I may make is how I've painted the skin around the waist as I'm not entirey happy with it.

Wellt hats all for now. As always thankyou for reading and please feel free to leave comments. Have a nice day.



  1. Great looking miniature, I love the crisp highlights. Excellent work on the banner as well, I really like the symbol you've designed. I'm excited to see more of these guys as you get further along with this army.

  2. Thankyou very much. Hopefully I'll have some free time to get more painted this week. I also have 2 raiders and some wyches now so they'll be interesting to paint.