The Tau Project: 26 Days To Go

Hey all,

This is the first update for today (before I go to work), finished a Devilfish yesterday and get started on the Fire Warriors that go with it. Sticking with the theme that I settled on, however,

I'm going to continue that on with the troops, rather than inverting it like I originally thought. Will post some better pics later today, but this is what I've got for now.

After I get home I'm going to continue with the Fire Warriors and post some pics, and then ponder an army list, as my self and Blackmane have upped the points limits from 800 to 1000, this gives me a couple of hundred points to play with, so I'm thinking Pathfinders with rail rifles and maybe some heavy support..

Any comments and ideas for my army list are welcome, as I am not sure where to go with the list...
That's all for work!

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