The Tau Project: 5 Weeks To Go


Hey all, time for a bit of a change. I've been tinkering around with my Iron Lords for a while and put my Tau on a back burner, however with the arrival of Blackmane's Dark Eldar and the desire to put them in their place I've picked up my Tau again with the idea of having them battle ready for Boxing Day, this is a bit of a tradition between Blackmane and myself that we've done for the last few years, so I thought if he was bringing something new, so would I.

All together we're aiming for about 800pts, just a small skirmish really, but enough to gauge how well they play against each other. Currently my list is 780pts, give or take a few options and I well post that list for critiquing when I have the finer details sorted out.

Having said that my force currently looks like this.
Two 12 man Fire Warrior squads both the Devilfish transport, one 10 man Kroot Squad, one 3 man Stealth squad, a four 'man' Drone squad', as well as a two man Crisis Suit Team, and an Ethereal (not pictured).

The plan is to have them all painted by Christmas Eve, the day I get to go home. This weeks mission is to have both Devilfish finished by sunday night, leaving monday to start attack on my Fire Warriors.

I had decided in the past to do my Tau in traditional Tau sept colours, however, as noted before the Forge World model of Shas'o R'myr inspired me to add blue to the scheme. This led me to a normal Tau sept scheme, but with added bits of blue and browm, and have that inverted for vechiles.

Fairly simple scheme so far, Ultramarines Blue, Tau Sept Ochre and Scorched Brown, all to be highlighted and shaded over the coming days. Really like this scheme so far and think that the rest of the army will work well too. Also looking forward to putting Blackmane and the tricksy Dark Eldar in place come D-Day. 

Who cares if we're bad in close combat! You'll never get there!

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