Harry the Hammer x2

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of a model that I've paint for Zebulon. When Harry the Hammer came out we both got him. I painted mine fairly soon after getting him. However Zebulon didn't really get very far with his, assembling the scenic base into two halves. So after christmas I offered to take it away and finish it all off. He agreed and I got to work. Its taken some time as I've had to do it in bits and pieces but he's finally done. I'm also including pictures taken from the same view points as my own Harry as a comparrison so don;t worry I haven't put each picture in twice. Zebulon's Harry will be the top picture of each pair and mine the bottome picture.

So on with the pictures.

So there we go both Harry the Hammer's I've painted. You can see the difference in the way they're painted and I think it shows I've improved since I painted mine. At this poitn I'd like to say thanks to Zebulon for letting me paint his Harry as it gave me the oppertunity to paint this truely brilliant model a second time.

Well thats all for now. As always thanks for reading and as always comments are most welcome.


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