My Experiment With Milliput.

So over the last month or so my local discount hardware/general store (or Boyes if you live in the North East of England) has expanded its hobby section, they now have a wide variety of hobby tools; files, knives, saws etc, a large selection of coloured acryllic sprays including nice Mordian Blue and Knarloc Green type colours, a cheap propellant powered airbrush, probably every Vajello paint ever (more on them when ive had a proper dabble) and also the full range of Milliput.

Having read about many a hobbiest using milliput to sculpt, I thought Id give it a go and for £2 I got about 4x the amount compared to Green Stuff. I thought using Milliput to sculpt would be the same, which it is but not.

I bought the standard Yellow-Grey and proceeded to have a go at making a banner for my Stormvermin (see pictures above).

The first thing I noticed was that it didnt have as much elasticity as Green Stuff, when kneading it it seemed to split/crack when folded or stretched.

Secondly, it stuck to everything. GS does too but not to the same extent as this, so I dipped my fingers in water and to my suprise the Milliput actually dissolved slightly, sort of like clay.

After fashioning it into a flag I let it cure, 2 hours, which compared to GS is quick! Working with it once dry was better. It sets rock hard, the lack of elasticity gives a nice solid material, though some may say its now too brittle.

Very easy to make some nice softer edges by going over them with craft knife and maybe adding some relief to it would be possible with care and a bit of skill. Adding the dwarf braid and the skin arm was a moderate success, the shape was there but the nice smooth detail illuded me.

After letting it rest and stick together I came to this conclusion when I use Milliput in the future:

Its good for basic shapes and structures

Its good for large areas

Try using GS for finer details

Having only used it the once, Im interested to see If using a larger array of sculpting tools will yeild better results and it may be that practise makes perfect, in which case I will happily change my view.

As always c&c's welcome,

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