Knowing When You're Beaten

A lot has happened since I last posted, Tomb Kings got their release, another GW price hike and the forced excommunication of the southern hemisphere for independent traders, more Dark Eldar reinforcements announced and lastly but not leastly Finecast got its debut... and all the while I sat and watched. I will be the first to admit, id lost my mojo. Sitting down and painting wasnt something I wasnt enamoured to do over the last month or so. I kept up to date with the hobby, discussed it at great length with Blackmane but the paint did not flow until today, I needed a breather as I loathe doing thing half way, I need to be committed or I wont do it at all!

Today, I tried to paint my ltd edition apothecary I got from ebay, to not much success. As im sure you can tell from the pic above a) i still havent got my laptop fixed and b) i cant paint white. The model isnt finished and wont be until its stripped down again and done right, i do love painting, but when i do it, i need to do it properly, like the rest of us im sure! Lol.

I got my mojo back today, a good few hours of painting and I was chilled yet focused at the same time. This is the start of the Zebulon renaissance... next up a warp lightning cannon! And a new tactical squad! More posts tomorrow.

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