Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge 2: High Elf on Griffon Update

HI all.

Today I have a quick update on the 2nd Blackmane vs Zebulon challenge. Today while I was talking to Zebulon, he asked for an extra day for the challenge. Been the kind hearted, all round nice guy that I am, (I can hear Zebulon laughing) I agreed on extending the deadline by a day.

So the deadline will now be Moday the 15th of August at 5pm. A poll will be added once pictures of both models are up and voting will be for one week until the following Monday.

On a side note my High Elf on Griffon is going well so far. The griffon is all done and now I'm just working on the High Elf. He's about half done as I write this. I'm happy so far with how he's going and I can't wait to get him finished and to see what Zebulon has done with his.

Well thats all for this short update. Thanks for reading.


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