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Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge 2: High Elf on Griffon

Hi all.

Today I come with news of mine and Zebulon's next Vs Challenge. The first challenge was to paint up the finecast chaplain. Our next one is to paint up the high elf on griffon that is part of the Island of Blood set. The format is pretty much the same as last time. We have a set period of time in which to paint up the model in question as well as make any changes that we want to make. Once the time is up we will then each put up a post with pictures of our finished models at which point a poll will be added and then its up too you, the readers, to choose the winner of the challenge.

The start date will be Saturday the 6th of August at 9am GMT. The finish date will be Sunday the 14th August at 5pm. The poll will open once pictures of both models have been displayed. The poll will be open for one week.

With less than 13 hours to go before then next challenge starts I have to admit I'm quite excited abot this one. While I enjoyed the first one (winning was a bonus), I didn't have to really push my paintinng skills much. This time however the light colours of the high elf will prove a challenge as I'm not great at painting them. There's also the Griffon to consider. I've never really painted a beast/monster before so it should prove interested.

With that I'm going to busy myself with some other bits until I start tomorrow. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look.



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