Painting Duel: Cato Sicarius vs Ragnar Blackmane: Blackmane Pictures

Hi all.

Today I bring my pictures of the Ragnar Blackmane model that I have painted for mine and Zebulon's latest painting duel. 

I have to say I really enjoyed this one as it got me to paint one of the few remaining named characters I had left to paint for my Space Wolves (the others been the original metal Bjorn, Arjac Rockfist and Muderfang). 

So now to the pictures. I do have to apologise for the lined paper in the background of the pictures as I had no plain paper at all. 

So there we go, my Ragnar Blackmane all painted and ready taking the fight to the enemies of the Imperium. 

Well that's all for this post. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and please vote on which of the models you think is best from this painting duel. 


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