Painting Duel: Cato Sicarius vs Ragnar Blackmane: Cato Sicarius Pictures

Hey all, 
             Today I bring my half of the painting duel, all be it a little later than planned. As you can see above, the model I purchased was second hand, but it was metal! So I was very very happy with that! Anyway on with the pics:

Over all I'm pleased with how he came out, a little issue with the gold and I'm a little out of practise with my painting techniques, but I figure hes a good table top standard a least! The base is intentionally left blank as I going to base him on a cast scenic base. Also the astute amongst you will notice his banner poll is missing, this is because I dropped him yesterday and it snapped off cleanly on the top of the back pack. I fully intend on reattaching it, but I'm going to attempt to pin it to give more strength, how well that will work is left to be seen!

Well thats all for now, voting opens soon and we have until next Saturday :) any comments be they good, bad or inbetween, please feel free to leave them below.


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