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40k Abandoned Factory Display: Bulkhead Light

Hey all I'm back again with another small update from my Abandoned Factory Display/photo backdrop/terrain piece, this time some more lighting..... a down light/bulkhead light. 
This is, again, made from a Christmas tealight and as you can see from the above photo that it lives underneath the platform. The main problem with how it was was the light was too bright and focused for my tastes. I wanted a more diffuse light, something that would add more ambience and be less of a focus.

For this is turned to Zinge Industries, a company that I have followed and bought odd bits from over the last few years and if you haven't already checked them out, I recommend you give their new website a browse! Zinge do a good range of clear resin light covers and luckily for me they had some ideal ones for what I wanted, they only arrived today actually and I set about working on the light as soon as I had 5 mins spare.

The resin cover itself has a nice bit of detail on it which was painted black along with the rest of the light, trying to be as careful as I could to only paint what would be the metal bars

As you can see, even from just a black coat it has already adds a sense of the industrial to it and the cover itself helps dim down the light.

The actual painting was very straight forward. Boltgun metal base coat, agrax earthshade wash, a light drybrush of boltgun on the edges and then a little weathering of typhus corrosion and Ryza rust. As its hanging upside down I've made a rust trail that leads to the light as if water had been dripping from it for a while, which in hindsight may need a bit more definition haha.

Lastly the light itself is fixed on with 1mm magnets simply glued to the underside of the platform and to the light, to allow it to be turned on and off and to change the batter! Overall I'm very chuffed with how its come out!

Well that's it for today and thanks for reading



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