40K Abandoned Factory Display: Burning Rubble

Hello all,

Im back again with anoter update on my display/photography/terrain piece factory. I've added a couple of detail bits as you can see in the above photo. Firstly there's the pully and chain with a small hook on the end, perfect for hoisting up heavy things. The pully came from and old computer mouse and the chain came off eBay. Next there's the simple electricity box which are doors from a Hornsby engine shed and the electricity cable came from an old pair of earphone. Simple but effective in all 3 cases :)

The main thing I've been tinkering with today is some removable burning rubble. Just a small piece for the front which adds a bit of cover when being used for terrain, also looks good when on display but lastly can be taken away when taking photos if needed.

Fairly simply done, a shaped piece of foamcard for the base and then using bits of scrap material stacked them up, cogs, sprue bits, foamcard, hard foam from an office chair and other bits all thrown on. It will have a few more pieces put on it and the base will be PVA'd and covered in sand. The reason this took so long was.....

Ive placed an LED inside. Which looks good in the day, but even better at night. It came from a Christmas decoration, one of those battery tea lights that you may have seen floating around in value shops.

Eventually all I had to do was to carefully trim away some of the plastic that supported the LED to drop its profile a little so it wasnt as tall. After tinkering with it I think I got a good fit. This was all done before it was fixed into the base (I cut a hole in the bottom so I can turn it on and off and change the battery). Then I carefully placed the bits pof scrap around it and voila, some nice burning wreckage!

Well that's all for now and as always feel free to leave comments below, whether they be good, bad or in between. 


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