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40k Abandoned Factory Display

Hello all,

I'm back again today with my next display project. Next?! You say? Well yes. I really enjoyed making my last small backdrop so much, I've elected to make a bigger one. This will be for photography of larger models and squads and for table top play as well. I'm doing the centre section first, the interior then the exterior and then the addition of two ruined pieces for the ends. This should be enough to tide me over until 8th ed rolls along.

The basic layout is the same except twice as wide and roughly 1.5x as tall. The actual structure was made for some thin MDF that came with something an old housemate bought. I've had it around for a year or two and only remembered I had it yesterday.

As you can see in the photo above its quite a lot bigger than my original. The same Peco nb-40 walling was used for the back wall, while 0.25mm plasticard was used to cover over the MDF top and bottom. 

I dug out am old abandoned bridge and decided to use it as a balcony/ raised platform. Its just 1mm plasticard between two N gauge bridge supports. The actual supports for the bridge came off another abandoned bridge project I had tried a couple of years ago, hance the blue colour. The Peco walling left a nice lip for the p!at form to sit on and then I just glued the diagonal supports on. Oh and the doors if you don't recognise them are from my bits box off a Rhino :) 

With the basic shape and structures in place Ive started looking at how to detail it. Now, nothing is glued on yet and everything can be changed, so the finbal model may be a little different from the pics below. Given that its a warehouse/factory like the last one, I've tried to go for the same theme.

The barrels and pallet tie it nicely to the other backdrop I have done and will be painted in the same way. Next to those there care some brass cogs, possibley taken from the machinery in the factory and will be aged and corroded slightly to show abandonment. To the left of them there is some sort of container, it came from the ink cartridges in my printer and is holding some crates, who knew smarties would survive to the 41st millennium??? ;)

My favourite thing on this so far are the posters. All I did was Google 40k propaganda and it can up with this post: Hats off to them as I think here great and add a nice bit of detail to what other what could be a bit of a flat wall.

Lastly there's the Supervisors lecturn and carpet. I bought the  lecturn bits years ago and never used them. With this though I think they went well, the lecturn is just the right size for a non-Astartes. There's a skull with a candle on so he can read his tome. The red shield is going to possibly be a location indicator I.e. Sector 7G, to inform visitors where they are.

As he is the supervisor of the factory I imagined that he wouldn't be involved with the manual side and would be in quite a plush office ( which will be modelled on the outside). To reinforce this, I've added a nice red carpet to the platform, as I'm sure he wouldn't have suffered the indignity of walking on a bare platform! There will be more details and bits added and I'll update the blog as I go!

Well that's all for now, please fell free to leave any comments below, whether they be good bad or in between.



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