Iron Lords Chapter Master

Well in the true tradition of the Space Marines, I have started construction of a Chapter Master namely the "Iron Lord" Hoban Lakor. I've been tinkering around with him for a while, terminator armour, close combat weapon and a combi melta. I then added some green stuff robes, but was not overall happy wth how he looked, it all seemed a bit too...uninspiring for a Chapter Master. So I stripped the green stuff off him an started again. I drilled out his head (using the Black Reach sergeant as a basis) and replaced it. Then I had a choice, either a reconstructed thunder hammer (don't ask) and power fist or lighning claws, however having no shoulder pads meant id have to find away to cover them up. Then the idea hit me, a Pre-Heresy suit or termy armour, I know im not the best with green stuff, but I like to think getting there.

Anyway, that was decided. I wanted to go for a look like these (above), not the seregant, but the normal termys, big round chunky shoulder pads. So I tried, not too happy with how these turned out (see below), am going to get some plastice piping and try to make them that way, but it's a start. I like the pose and the leather tassle bits i did, but the pads need work. Then im going to make some kind of sygil engraving layer that will sit on top, with an edge around it obviously, lots of cogs and wires on him because he is the "Iron Lord" afterall, so i wanted the mechanicy feel, tempted to try a termy bionic arm, but arent really sure where to begin.

Will add more pics soon, but thats him, Hoban Lakor, obviously he will have some new shoulder pads and more bitz on him when he's finished, but im quite pleased with things so far, so lets see what happens.

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