Finally here are some pictures of the ruins that I made using the template from the 4th edition rulebook. The only real difference is the first of the ruins which is bigger than the others. I made it using the same template but after drawing round it i then extended one side of it and 'repaired' the part of the wall that would have been broken.

The Floors were made using foamboard first then i added a layer of balsa wood on top that i gae cut to the right shape and scored to create the appearance of floorboards. The beams under the floor were made using pieces of sprue. The light grey area's on the exterior of the building were make with thin card and painted fortress grey. The floor boards were painted with a brown i mixed from some cheap red and yellow paint. The grey was also made by mixing some cheap black and white paint.

As always let me know whay you think.


On a side note some pictures of my Space Wolves should be up sometime this weekend, although they are not finished yet.

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