My Armies: Post 1 of um....many

Well, in my first post I did say that I would be posting pictures of my Ultramarines and Iron Lords forces, so here's the first one. These three are the models I've completed most recently and they're one of my better attempts at painting, which I know I'm not brilliant at lol. The only difficulty I really had was the faces, mainly due to a lack of paint colours, but anyway I made do with what I've got and they ended up like this (Click on picture to enlarge)

Firstly the Master of the Recruits:

A very interesting model to paint, and I'm sure his face would have come ut better if I had more paints, but it kind of looks like he's got an eye missing ala Cassius, which I'm beginning to like, however I have now realised that I can't paint swords properly and also apologise for the dark pictures in all of these, am still working out how to do good pictures.

Master of the Armoury

This is possibly my favourite model in the Master of the Chapter box, simply because I have a thing about Mk.3 Iron Armour, again the face would have come out better if I had more paints, but overall I liked how he turned out

Now for a change of pace, I recently completed my first Iron Lords dreadnought (basic AOBR dread) with a green stuff banner, added purity seals, candles and loin cloths. Possibly my favourite dread I've painted, looks quite grimy and dark, but I wish I could have given him a more dynamic pose, but for me at this time, its not always possible. Any way without further a due I present Brother Arlon....


I've got lots of WIP pics of this dreadnought thatt I'm going to post in blog very soon about what look I'm going for with the Iron Lords and why. The dreadnought is the most converted thing I've completed and an example of the first steps towards a complete Iron Lords force.

Hope this blog was interesting and as always please feel free to post comments. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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