Some Space Wolf Pictures At Last!

Today I have some pictures of my Space Wolves to post. There are only a few pictures as most of my models aren't finished yet, so here are some that are.

So first up is my Land Raider. As with all my tanks the recessed part of the hull is painted yellow with Logan Grimnar's Great Company Symbol. All the icons on my Space Wolves have been hand painted.

Next are my Long Fangs. They were one of the first of my Space Wolf units to be painted. The models carrying the heavy wepaons were all repainted recently while the pack leader (centre) was just given the odd touch up here ard there.

These pictures are the members of the first of my Grey Hunter squads. This also happens to be my favourite unit because I think the poses all look good and they were the first unit that I actually put some effort into posing them. My favourite being the Grey Hunter jumping over the rubble with two bolters and my second favorite the pack leader. They've recently had a bit of a repaint and now i'm about happy with them.

Meet Logan Grimnar. He's the leader of my army and was also the first proper Space Wolf model that I owned and was bought for me by Zebulon as an Xmas present. Recently I added Leman Russ's personal symbol 'The Wolf That Stalks Between Stars' to Logan's right shoulder as this is the symbold used by the 'Great Wolf' as well as his own symbol.

The last of my Space Wolf pictures today is that of my Rune Priest. Again this is a model that i've had from the beginning which I bought not long after I recieved Logan. He's had parts of him repainted over the years and I noticed as I took this picture he needs his knee pads painting yellow like everyone else with knee pads. I will probably use him alot as part of the new army so I can try out all the new psychic powers.

Now time for a little treat. Below are some pictures of some models i painted for a friend. Its the first time i've painted any of the models from this race before and i have to say i'm quite happy with how they's ve turned out. Please let me know what you think to them.

I'm most impressed with the 'stripey' effect I managed on the carapce, especially on the Hormagaunts. In total I painted 6 Genestealers, 8 Spore Mines and 10 Hormagaunts.

As always please feel free to leave any comments.


More Space Wolf pics as soon as possible. I will also be adding pics of another scenery piece once its finished. Hopefully i'll be able to get the new Codex:Space Wolves over the weekend as well as Njal so i'll post what i think of the new codex sometime next week hopefully.

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