Space Wolves First Look

Even though the new Space Wolf codex isn't out yet some pictures of the new characters have surfaced on the internet. GW also posted a picture of the Space Wolf Pack frame on their website. All i can say is my excitement is growing. Should you wish to have a look for yourself head to for the model pictures and for a picture of the sprue.

The new Njal Stormcaller model looks fantastic. Its a model I think i'll definatley be getting. I think the pose is really good and i feel he looks just right for and old rune priest.

I've also been having a long hard look at the Canis Wolfborn model. I'm not too sure about it to be honest. While Canis Wolfborn himself looks really good, the wolf doesn't. I've been trying to think of ways to improve it. Poissibly by repositioning its head slightly and some other minor changes, it would be much better. Looks like there will be some minor conversion work to do. Overall though i'm leaning in the general direction of its an ok model.

The spures for the Space Wolf Pack also look very promising. For whats on the sprue and the rumors i've read this box will make both Blood Claw and Grey Hunter Squads. Its just a case of assembling them with the appropriate weapons. There looks to be alot of choices on the sprue which will make it easier to have more individual looking squads. Its also going to make my job of updating my older models easier. A few new bits here and there and they'll be looking just as good i think.

The Space Wolf terminator models also look really good. It will be interesting to see what else is on the sprues for making them look individual. They look alot closer to the Forgeworld Space Wolf terminator conversion kit now i think and thats a good thing.

The only other model i've seen looks like a Blood Claw. I'm assuming its some kind of squad character upgrade like Bastonne for the IG veteran squads. He looks rather good i think and will look good paired up with a squad of New Blood Claws.

All i'm waiting for now is for the updated models of Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane and Ulrik the Slayer. I'm going to assume that seen as models already exist for these characters the updated versions will come along in a second wave of models which is the way GW seem to have been doing things of late. The only other model i'm waiting to see is of course Bjorn the Fellhanded. Hopefully he won't look like every other dreadnaught already alvailable. I think he has to be different and look for ornate seen as his dreadnaught will be of a design mush older than the current dreadnaughts.


As always comments are welcome. Let me know what you think of the models.
All models pics seen at and

Comment from Zebulon

I totaly agree with you on everything you've said, they look amazing and im not even a puppy player! Though the squad upgrade for the blood claws, do the mean Lukas los Tramposo? AKA Lukas the Cheat (Literal spanish translation, based on Loki the Norse god of mischief I'd imgine)ive heard a lot of mixed feelings about him , but I like him, im even considering getting him myself and using him as a kind of leader who's been joined with the omnissiah (hence his stick up hair) but we'll see depending on ease of converability, but sadly he looks like he's going to be a Direct Sales only model. So thats now 4 things i need from GW website, Lukas, a Grey Knight termy and 2 direct sales Techmarines, cant wait!

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