The Lady of Lórien

Hi all

To kick off the month I bring a couple of pictures of the next member of the White Council box set theat I've painted. As you'll no doubt have worked out from the title of todays post the model in question is Galadriel. This version of her is what is sometimes called her 'war form'.

So on with the pictures.

She was faily straight forward to paint really. She was undercoated with fortress grey, her skin with bleached bone and her hair with bronzed flesh. Then she was washed with a mix of thraka green and asurman blue. The finally watered dwon skull white was used to highlight. I'm very happy with how she turned out as I had orignally though she was going to be hard to paint. No doubt anytime I use Galadriel in a game I'll use this version as I'm not to keen on the other model version of her.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and as always comments, good or bad, are welcome.


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