Warhamer Fortified Manor Complete (Picture Heavy)

Hi all

Today I bring picture of the finished buildings from the Fortified Manor myself and Zebulon got. I've been painting it over the last few days and posting pictures as I went. first time I've done WIP posts. Anyway as I promised yeserday I have pictures of the finished buildings. The walls and fences will be done at a later date.

So on with the pictures.
The Chapel

 The Watch Tower

 Roof Building

 Joing Section

 The Full Fortified Manor
Well I must say I am very happy with how its turned out. I wasn't sure the cream and blue was going to work when I first painted it on but I think it has worked really well. I'm also happy with how the stucco came out on the walls, its maybe not as light as the GW paint guide has it but to be honest I think I like how mine's come out more.

If any one has any questions about it or how I painted any paticular part then please leave a comment. As always thanks for reading.


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