Gaming Trees On A Budget

Well with all the fantasy talk between myself and Blackmane and his exceptionaly painted manor house Ive picked up the scenery bug too. Everywhere I go Im noticing things that with a bit of work could be decent scenery.

The best so far are these potted trees I found in Poundworld, any as you may have guessed, they were £1 each!

By removing them from the pot and basing them it creates a large orchard type tree, which considering they'll be near a manor seems to fit rather well, Ive added a bit of licheny stuff (not totaly sure what its called, Ive had a large bag of it since I was 9 (1995)), just need to flock it, although I would recommend using some thicker card as mine seems to have warped, so I may end up re basing it.

The had a veritable plethora of tree types, but the leaves seemed to big on the rest and they also had some Lustria type grass aswell, so if anybody in England reads this I would recommend heading to Poundworld asap lol.

Whilst Ive be typing this, Ive also remembered another method of making some cheap trees. It comes from one of the earlier issues of Battle Games In Middle-Earth and is quick and fairly cheap.

You need some sort of soft wire, masking tape, card, sponge or licheny stuffs and paint.

Simply cut 4-6" lengths of the wire and loosley wrap the masking tape around it to give texture. Then tape however many of these you like together to create a trunk, again wrapping loosley in masking tape. Then bend out the top and bottoms to make roots and branches and twist and contort them how you like to give character. Base the tree on the card and paint browns. Chop or rip the foam to create busy leaf type bits, or alternatively us the licheny stuff to do the same. Quick, simple and dirt cheap.

Anywho, Ive rambled on enough for this post. Not sure how this post is going to look picture wise, cant tell where theyre going to appear. As always c&c's alway welcome.

Hope this may have been some use, Zebulon

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