Warhammer Scenery WIP 3

Hi all

Today I bring some more WIP shots of mine and Zebulon's Warhammer Scenery. I got the stucco finished on the walls and while not as light coloured as GW's painting guide I quite like the way its turned out. After I had finished that I did the stone work and got it washed. At this point it was quite late, 1 or half 1 in the morning, so I decided to stop for the night. So here are some pictures of the finished stucco and the buildings look like this morning.

With the stucco finished.

 Stone work based and washed.

I added the blue on the chapel and the watchtower to help break up the creamy yellow colour. Also it will help it match together if we used them seperately rather than as the Fortified Manor. The next stage is the drybrush the stonework and then its on to the wooden details. After that I'll do the tiles and then finish any other little bits and pieces.

Well thats all for now. There'll probably be more later on. Thanks for reading and as always comments are welcome.


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