Warhammer Scenery WIP (picture heavy)

Hi all.

Today I bring some WIP shots of some scenery for mine and Zebulon's upcoming Warhammer Showdown. We decided to go halves on some scenery and the first piece has come to me. The first piece we decided on was the Fortified Manor. I collected it yesterday from my local GW. It was the quickest delivery I know, dispatched on Thursday and there by yesterday (Friday). So I set about building it yesterday evening and to Zebulon's suprise, I had it all pretty much done by the time he text me on his way home from work. And so here we are with the first WIP shots so you can all see and so Zebulon can see how its going.


The main tower

 An evil looking sun
 You can't have too many swords
 The chapel

 Not entirely sure why I put the moon on. I just liked the idea I guess
 Its an awesome clock
 Little 'things' on the roof

 Some nice detail and torches, you can't go wrong with torches.

 The whole manor.
 I couldn't help but put these little guys on. Who can resist little guys with hammers?

And now something partially of my own making. I noticed the little supports and roof section on the assembly instructions and decided I wasn't going  to use them. However it then occured to me I could make a well using those bits. So I stuck those bits together and made a stone base form blue foam and hey presto, a well. 

Well thats all for now. I'll try and put more pics up as I go along so keep popping back form time to time. Thanks for reading and as always comments are welcome.


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