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Army of the White Hand: Ukuk-Hai Scouts

Hey all,

Today I bring Part 3 of the divine Xmas presents Blackmane got me this year and for the first time ever I have Scouts!
I've never really had scouts before in Lord of the Rings, instead preferring to stick with the Pike and Sword Uruks and when I opened these it was awesome! 

 Again another 12 beautifully painted scouts for my White Hand army. I love subtle contrasts between the different leathers and there running poses!

Not only are the 8 sword scouts but 4 bowmen as well, as it happens I have 3 random Uruks with crossbows so I can finally field them in a squad! They will be my hit and run troops backed up by the Pike and Sword Uruks and the awesome Isenguard Troll Blackmane got me a couple of years ago!

Well thats all for now, if you have any comments feel free to leave them below.



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