Painting Duel: Cato Sicarius vs Ragnar Blackmane

Hey all,
              Today I have a quick update on a duel myself and Blackmane have started as of today. We haven't done one of these in a while and I thought it was about time to get going again! This time it's Ragnar Blackmane vs Cato Sicarius. Ironically for me, Sicarius is one of the last Ultramarine heros I have left to get (I believe its now just Telion left) despite being the Captain of the Second Company, which I've been collecting for many a year.... I picked up my metal mini off eBay for £5 and thought it perfect a challenge. Ragnar Blackmane I believe is also the last mini for Blackmane to fill out his Space Wolf HQ's.

The start date is today and we finish on March 1st for a week of voting!

Well thats all for now better get cracking,


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