Building Mordheim: Lazer Cut Gallows

Hey all,
              Today I bring a quick update on some gallows I got for Mordheim. Similar to the clock tower that I blogged about before I got these rather neat gallows from the same store on eBay;

I've given it a quick coat of brown paint just for a bit of colour, I fully intend on weathering it a bit in an attempt to make it look used and grimy as well as the addition of a noose, perhaps with an Empire casualty hanging from it, but we'll see.

The kit itself, like the clock tower, was a dream to put together and for only £5 they're great value too! If you're interested in these look for TTcombat on ebay or go via thetrolltrader, I've genuinely never had a problem with this guy and he is on my high recommendation list!

Anyway thats all for now, so as usual if you have any comments, whether they be good, bad or in between, please feel free to leave them below.


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