Captain Titus: 'Macragge's Fury'

Well today I thought I'd take a break from painting Skaven, as they say a change is a good as a rest. Anyway I'd had him sat around for a long time in my bits box, and today I thought I'd finish him, he'll either count as a IC or a Sergeant for my Termy assault squad. He's made from a mish-mash of bits, the legs are from the Dark Angels chapter upgrade kit so to is the banner, the Ultra symbol is from the command squad kit, the torso is from the aobr set, the arms are spares from the assault termy kit and the shoulder pads are from Forge World.

This is also the first time I've tried to do battle damage, Colonel Schofer posted a link to a video on YouTube of a guy doing a vindicator, a very simple method of damage, simply dab on the highlight colour and paint the inside a dark grey/black to represent the ceramite underneath. 

The technique I'm sure will work well on lighter models, but because I tend to use a darker blue (a style I adapted from Blackmane) the shading in the damage looks very close to the blue base coat, so maybe next time I'll try a lighter greyish sort of colour, I used a dark grey, but it didn't stand out enough, so I went over it with black, which kinda worked a bit, but I may go over it with said lighter grey, and also need to think of a design for his banner. Not the neatest model I've done, not bad and a definite improvement on my earlier works. As always c&c's are always welcome....and so back to the Under-Empire.....

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