Let the Lord of the Black Land Come Forth!

Hi all.

Today I bring some pictures of the Lord of the Rings himslef Sauron. I've had this model sat around for ages and ages and decided to finally get round to painting him up. 

So on with some pictures.

He was relatively straight forward to piant which isn't hard to imagien considering he's predominantly silver armour and blak cloth (actually that's all there is if you exclude basing him). It probably didn't take me much more than an hour or so to do including drying time. For such a quick paint job I'm very happy with how he turned out.

Now for a couple of side notes. Myself and Zebulon recently decided to do one of our occasional painting challenges and there is currently a vote running on the blog. If you haven't already checked it out you can find it here. The pole itself can be found in the top right corner.

Secondly there's a new blog that I would like to promote. It's called Word and Witchcraft. It's a blog just started by my girlfriend as a place where she can post short stories, poem's, etc that she's written. She has ambitions to be a writer and thought a blog would be a good place to test her wrting skills and see what people think of the kind of things she wants to write. It'll be primarily fantasy based stoires. So please check it out and see what you think.

Well that's all for now, thanks for taking the time to have a look.


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