Scrap Iron Hands Project: Tactical Squads WIP

Hey all, I've go an update today about my Scrap Iron Hands project, today I'm looking at my Tactical Squads. I've assembled 3 of these from mostly the various bits that I already accumulated from job lots:

First up is Squad Celdorr, equipped with a heavy bolter and flamer for horde nasties! The marine on the far left has a Forge World head from the character upgrade set and a Space Wolf bolter, given to the squad by Egil Ironwolf after a campaign together, the bolter appears never jam and has advanced noise surpession and recoil buffers. The squad is a mixture of multi-part and single pose plastics.

Secondly is Squad Bandar, again armed with flamer and heavy bolter.

Lastly is Squad Tebren, again armed with a flamer, but this time with a rocket launcher for a bit more punch at range and again made from single pose and multipar marines.

I've been very lucky really in my scrap marines I've picked up, sometimes the poses are bad or plastic glued together to stop disassembly, fortunately they needed little work pose wise and are ready for an undercoat before their major dry brushing! I did purchase the heavy bolter sets from ebay and I've been scrobbling for powerpacks to kit them all out. 

All in all I'm happy with them, they just need an undercoat and an assigned transport each, which i also have!

Well that's it from now,


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