Scrap Iron Hands Project: Iron Captain Morvellon

So today I took a detour from my Tactical Squad work and built a new Iron Captain for my Scrap Iron Hands. Ironically, most of the pieces on this mini are new and not scrap pieces....

My favourite thing on the model, without doubt, it the powerfist. Not only is it right handed, which for all intents and purposes seems to be almost heretical to have in the grim dark, you can actually see his normal hand inside the palm of the powerfist. The design of it too also strikes with me as its very different to more recent powerfirst, the flex on the fingers and the slab like nature of it almost reminds me of a Titan fist.

Having the cape adds motion to him and the bionic left arm and leg perhaps shows his injuries or could represent the embracing of the 'Flesh is Weak' mantra. The storm bolter too adds weight to the model coming off a terminator and the scope adds just that bit more tech feel to it. He too will be undercoated and join my other Iron Captain when I paint them both together.

Once again, that's it for today


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